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New Stock Arrival

29th April 2022

After some trials and tribulations we have landed a new stock shipment and the human chain of 12 year olds has moved 5,000kg of screws into our warehouse shelves. Kids are awesome.

We now have the following, note as we are moving to Torx drive for most of our styles these are Torx:

  • 65mm and 50mm #8 Washer Head Screws for pocket hole work, we've been asked for the 65mm ones a lot, hope you like them
  • 65mm, 50mm and 40mm #8 CSK Screws
  • 35mm and 25mm #8 A2 Stainless Steel Screws

Christmas 2021 Shipping Cut Off Date - Get In Now For Those Holiday Projects

9th December 2021

We've had the news from NZ Post that Monday the 20th December is the last day we'll be able to guarantee getting orders to you by the holidays, if you are rural Friday 17th December.

We'll be shipping right up to Christmas and also this year between Christmas and New Year.

Happy Christmas to you and your families. We're all hoping for a great summer, an end to Covid and the Government mandating free battery tools for every household in 2022. Also the safe arrival of our next shipment in February with the coveted and much asked for 65mm exterior washer head pocket hole screws.

Have a great Christmas and summer holidays,

Gwilym and Toby

We Love Good Feedback

16th November 2021

Sometimes we get messages from our customers that just makes it all worth while, here are a few recent ones:

"I've been using Superscrews for the last 8 years. An absolutely brilliant, efficient, cost-effective service. It is so great to have a stash of every possible size screw that I might need so that I never have to go to the shop to buy more (at a ridiculous price!) Superscrews make it so easy to place orders and they deliver fast. Thanks guys." ~ Richard Andrew, Rangiora, NZ

"This was a very good auction that ended well. Got to give it to these guys they sort problems out quickly. Awesome Kreg/Join-a-Jig style screws that work fantastic. Best price in NZ. Highly recommend Superscrews be saved to your Favourites. Thanks team." ~ Thatmuch (TM)

"Thanks for a fast and easy trade.. and a happy husband!!?? " ~ Bigmacnz (TM)

"Great trade, excellent communication and fast shipping!" ~ Porcoroso (TM)

"Great trader, easy process and fast delivery. Highly recommended. AAA+++" ~ Ultra

Yes! We're Open Through Lockdown

27th August 2021

We've had a lot of inquiries and yes, we are open during lockdown and shipping orders as per normal. We are infrastructure that provides current needs of people and communities, in particular maintaining their dwellings. We can also do this contactless as we ship our orders from a shed on our land.

Our courier company NZ Post has been doing a wonderful job and there seems to be very little delay from normal with transport times (typically a maximum of three business days), if you see the courier driver give them the thumbs up.

We have new shelves!!!

We hope everybody is managing ok and putting this unexpected time at home to good use, or just chilling out. So far around here we have a new greenhouse door, some new shelves in our storage area and we're about to hack through a wall and start on a new bedroom. We've also put up the badminton net outside.

We Now Accept Payment In Bitcoin

26th August 2021

We have a new payment method, we now accept Bitcoin on chain or via the Lightning Network.

Bitcoin is set to be the global currency of choice and is already an option for us to pay our suppliers so it makes sense to accept it as well. Until we add it to the website in the next few weeks if you'd like to pay for an order with Bitcoin please email us and we'll get back to you with the wallet address to send to.

Welcome to the future :-)

Superscrews now accepts Bitcoin

2021 And Everything Is Running Smoothly

5th February 2021

We had a great holiday season and we've been back shipping orders since early January, we hope you did too and best wishes for the year ahead.

People sure seem to have noticed our new shipping rate, FREE for orders over $50, and it's quite astonishing to see how organised many of you are placing orders just over the $50 target :-)

This year we are concentrating on re-stocking our range and adding some new styles, at the moment importing stock is harder than ever before but hopefully we will land a shipment before the middle of the year.

Toby's Extra Special Workshop Hooks From Recycled Tent Poles

5th February 2021

Toby has been working on getting the workshop up to speed for doing some caravan renovations and in doing so has invented something notable.

Toby's Extra Special Workshop Hooks in Action

Toby's Extra Special Workshop Hook

Using some recycled aluminium tent pole (apparently old radio aerial works too), cut with a pipe cutter, he's been attaching them all around the place with P or T series screws. Sure you could just use a screw but then the thread is often out of the wood and can cut into whatever you are hanging up.

They're been proving very useful for tools, jackets and even sleeving irrigation tube onto for making plant tunnels.

Happy Christmas!!! Announcing FREE FREIGHT for orders over $50

1st December 2020

We've been having such a good experience with Courier Post lately doing a killer job of delivering things fast and true that we thought we'd pass on some of the goodness by lowering our Free Freight limit. To $50! From now on (until we change it again) orders over $50 are FREE FREIGHT, even for rural customers!

We'd also like to extend to you and your families a very happy Christmas and summer period. We're going to be here sending out orders up till the 18th December and then will reopen on the January 10th. We might be able to send out orders between those dates, it depends on if Toby has to replace the airbags on his bus.

New Driver Bits in Stock

31st July 2020

We have just received the driver bits that match out new T Series Torx screws into stock. So we now have Torx driver bits in sizes 15, 20, 25, 27, 30 and 40 available here:

Announcing the T Series Torx Screws

5th May 2020

We love Torx screws. Square drives are way better than Pozi, and Torx are way better than Square. We stoked to announce our new "T Series", counter sinking interior screws. They have a bunch of features to ensure they split wood less and drive faster and straighter. They also have a low chromate coating for professionals using screws all day everyday, and for a better overall environment.

We have these in 17 sizes from 15mm #6 up to 150mm #14 - try them out!

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