From the Favourite Useful Screws Dept. - 6 Gauge A Series


We've been turning to our 6 gauge screws a lot lately for a variety of projects. They're brilliant for edge joining ply and pretty much anywhere that the screw splitting timber might be an issue. In this photo Gwilym was using them to make a jig for the kids to make rubber band guns.

Our 6 gauge screws have a head diameter of 6.8mm so while not true 'finishing' screws they are a little less obvious visually. We have them in lengths of 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35mm and you get 400 screws in a bag.

Rubber band gun jig using 6 gauge screws

For the month of July we'll be sending out free driver bits with every purchase of these wee wonders.

Thanks for the great response to our last newsletter!


We had an amazing response to the last newsletter which kept us busy over June sending out a record number of orders for a winter month.

White that was happening, Toby also went gang busters on organising our stock room and getting our new coding system operating properly. Freaking brilliant! We can now pack orders twice as fast! We just need to start thinking about a heater.

Inside our newly organised stockroom

Pocket hole jigs are awesome


Our washer head screws for pocket hole work have been flying out the door, especially since we added coated ones. For those not quite sure of the benefits of pocket hole jigs here a short video that sums it up well:

Pocket Hole Jig Starter

We have new products and are fully stocked


We are now fully stocked with all sizes of our purlin/batten screws and other ranges.

One of the best parts of this business is bringing new, high quality, products to our customers and in our summer shipment we introduced the following:

Our shed is now jam packed with pallets of screws

New stock is arriving!!!


After selling out faster than we ever imagined at the end of 2017 our re-stocking shipment is finally here. We'll be unpacking it over the next few days and getting our website shipshape.

This order is pretty exciting as it adds a number of product lines including coated #8 gauge standard screws and coated #8 washerhead screws for pocket hole jigs.

You can now add you address manually!


Well, we thought we were being so clever with the auto address lookup when you place an order. It seems that it's not as clever as it needs to be to handle some rural addresses. So with that in mind we have, today, added a manual address entry to the order screen so you can manually type in problem shipping addresses.

New shipment underway and new labels!


The spring shipment is almost in the ship and on its way. We've been busy improving the labelling for the great new products we'll have in stock and automating our specification system. You can see this working on our new category pages on this website.

New website


Our new website has been up and running now for over a month, we're constantly making changes as we gear up for a busy spring and summer 2017/18.

Kreg pocket hole jigs and washer head screws


We now have a small number of Kreg pocket hole jigs to go with our 8 gauge washer head screws.

New stock!!


We have new stock in including some great new washer head and galv decking screws.