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2021 And Everything Is Running Smoothly

5th February 2021

We had a great holiday season and we've been back shipping orders since early January, we hope you did too and best wishes for the year ahead.

People sure seem to have noticed our new shipping rate, FREE for orders over $50, and it's quite astonishing to see how organised many of you are placing orders just over the $50 target :-)

This year we are concentrating on re-stocking our range and adding some new styles, at the moment importing stock is harder than ever before but hopefully we will land a shipment before the middle of the year.

Toby's Extra Special Workshop Hooks From Recycled Tent Poles

5th February 2021

Toby has been working on getting the workshop up to speed for doing some caravan renovations and in doing so has invented something notable.

Toby's Extra Special Workshop Hooks in Action

Toby's Extra Special Workshop Hook

Using some recycled aluminium tent pole (apparently old radio aerial works too), cut with a pipe cutter, he's been attaching them all around the place with P or T series screws. Sure you could just use a screw but then the thread is often out of the wood and can cut into whatever you are hanging up.

They're been proving very useful for tools, jackets and even sleeving irrigation tube onto for making plant tunnels.

Happy Christmas!!! Announcing FREE FREIGHT for orders over $50

1st December 2020

We've been having such a good experience with Courier Post lately doing a killer job of delivering things fast and true that we thought we'd pass on some of the goodness by lowering our Free Freight limit. To $50! From now on (until we change it again) orders over $50 are FREE FREIGHT, even for rural customers!

We'd also like to extend to you and your families a very happy Christmas and summer period. We're going to be here sending out orders up till the 18th December and then will reopen on the January 10th. We might be able to send out orders between those dates, it depends on if Toby has to replace the airbags on his bus.

New Driver Bits in Stock

31st July 2020

We have just received the driver bits that match out new T Series Torx screws into stock. So we now have Torx driver bits in sizes 15, 20, 25, 27, 30 and 40 available here:

Announcing the T Series Torx Screws

5th May 2020

We love Torx screws. Square drives are way better than Pozi, and Torx are way better than Square. We stoked to announce our new "T Series", counter sinking interior screws. They have a bunch of features to ensure they split wood less and drive faster and straighter. They also have a low chromate coating for professionals using screws all day everyday, and for a better overall environment.

We have these in 17 sizes from 15mm #6 up to 150mm #14 - try them out!

Credit Card Update

28th April 2020

We've just put our website update live that replaces the credit card processor Paypal with Stripe. It's a much simpler and easier to use service and we look forward to getting it running as sweetly as possible. If you have any problems please contact us and we'll get right on it.

Credit Card Payment Problems

21st April 2020

In the last few days we've had a few reports of people hitting credit card errors when trying to pay through Paypal. We're having a look into it now. If you do hit a problem please pay by internet banking and if you email us a screenshot of the transaction we'll ship the order ASAP.

COVID19 Update

23rd March 2020

Current status: Courier Post is still shipping and we will be dispatching orders on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.

Wow, crazy times.

Superscrews is a small family business and we live rurally. This means, if our courier service stays operating we will be able to continue shipping orders indefinitely. If however any of us get sick then we will have to stop taking orders.

We would like to wish everybody the best of luck, family, community and health in this time and look forward to everything returning to normal. I have been told there is a tree house to build by my 9 year old so to preserve our mental health we will certainly be putting some time into our building projects along with looking after the family.

New Stock Has Arrived!

21st February 2020

We've just had over forty pallets of stock arrive and we've been filling our new warehouse (as we build it which is a bit crazy).

  • Purlin/batten 75 and 100mm screws are back in stock
  • We've added a new series! The "T Series" is a Torx drive countersinking interior series. We have them in 6, 8, 10 and 14 gauges and 17 different lengths. Made in Taiwan they are coated in a low chromate "Eco" silver finish which we'll write more about soon.
  • We've restocked our pocket hole screws - the much asked for 65mm ones are now back in stock as are the 35mm and 45mm.
  • Due to exchange rates we've had to increase prices a small amount. We're still looking to retain our competitive edge and aim to lower our free freight limit soon from $200 to ... $100? Stay tuned.

Our new website is up and running

17th December 2019

Our new website is up and running

Our new website is here, and so far we're super stoked!

The goal was to make it easier than ever to find different styles and sizes of screws.

Improvements to the site:

  • It indicates next to each product if you have it in your cart.
  • All screws in a series are on one page, including their different gauges.
  • A quick way to get between the products (see the 'Screwfinder' top right).
  • Mobile Phone friendly.

We're continuing to work on the site, as well as increasing our range of products with a new shipment due January 2020. We'd really appreciate any input you may have, email us at or look us up on Facebook.

Current Special Deals

2021 And Everything Is Running Smoothly

We had a great holiday season and we've been back shipping orders since early January, we hope you did too and best wishes for the year ahead.

People sure seem to have noticed our new...

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